Future Sound: March Showcase

The B Bar, Omaha – 930pm to 130am – $10 cover

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Future Sound Presents: March Showcase

Future Sound Presents: March Showcase

March 15, 2024

The B Bar

Our Core Values

Community Harmony

Fostering a sense of unity and belonging within our community, Future Sound Showcase strives to create an inclusive space where diverse music enthusiasts come together to celebrate their shared passion.

Ampllifying Local Talent

At the core of our identity is a commitment to showcasing and uplifting local artists. We believe in providing a platform for emerging talent, ensuring that their voices and creativity resonate within our community.

Unforgettable Experiences

Future Sound Showcase is dedicated to curating events that transcend the ordinary. We aim to craft unforgettable experiences, blending immersive atmospheres with cutting-edge sounds, leaving a lasting impact on every attendee.

Musical Exploration

Embracing the eclectic and the innovative, we stand for the exploration of musical boundaries. Future Sound Showcase is a platform where both artists and audiences can discover new sonic landscapes, pushing the boundaries of conventional genres.

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